‘Limbless’ Nick Vujicic gets married!

Australian motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic, has given presentations about a healthy mind and self esteem to millions of people worldwide, from 25 different countries. He is an unexpected type of person to be a thought leader, because he was born with neither arms, nor legs, without any medical explanation. This hasn’t stopped him from achieving his goals, and having less body parts than the average person didn’t make him less of a man. Continue reading

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Nigeria Lies Critically ill at The Intensive Care Unit Of The Universe – Dr Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare, as those of a Nigerian background will recognise, gave a powerful sermon concerning the state of his nation prior to the end of 2011. It’s almost as if it was in preparation for the protests that were inevitably going to happen because of the fuel subsidy issues. His passion for change has driven him to be a leader of great respect. Have a listen. Continue reading

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Welcome to SLD!


After a long hiatus online, seeking God for wisdom and inspiration, we’re back with a new platform and a fresh look, in time for the New Year!

Skank Like David is now up and running to give you the best Christian resources that we have to offer, including; Christian book reviews, movie reviews, gospel music, news, UK talent, evangelism, Bible study, and lots more from the SLD team! Continue reading

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